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Decide Default App for File Kind from Command Line

One high quality of life enchancment any developer could make for themselves is making certain completely different file varieties open within the app they’re most proficient in. If you understand me, you understand I choose conducting as a lot as attainable from the command line. The duti utility permits customers to find out default file sort from command line.

The duti utility permits builders to question which app is the default for various file varieties. You possibly can set up duti with brew:

brew set up duti

After getting duti accessible, you’ll be able to test on the default app for file sort with the next command:

~ duti -x md

You possibly can set the default app by utilizing its package deal:

duti -s com.sublimetext.2 .js all

The duti utility is absolutely nice for figuring out and automating default app administration!

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