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software program suggestion – Format poetry with ?

the next URL recommends the usage of “pre” in HTML-formatted poetry as a solution to retain the meant indents

<pre>AH, damaged is the golden bowl!
      The spirit flown ceaselessly!
  Let the bell toll! — A saintly soul 
     Glides down the Stygian river!
          And let the burial ceremony be learn —
              The funeral track be sung — 
         A dirge for probably the most beautiful useless
              That ever died so younger!
                  And, Man De Vere,
                  Hast thou no tear?
                      Weep now or nevermore!  
                See, on yon drear 
                And inflexible bier,
                     Low lies thy love Lenore!</pre>

This must be inserted into textual content/html in wordpress editor.

I’ve to rework 400 html-poems to make use of this preformat-tag, however many poems are already formatted with daring and italic, which is able to go misplaced when entered into the textual content/html editor.

I want a good suggestion, or probably some code, perhaps much like the dropdown fashion perform menu, which may be made seen within the traditional wysiwyg editor?!

HOW do I do that the simplest:

  • take the already formatted poem
  • add the meant indentations
  • fixate the indentations (with PRE?), so they do not vanish subsequent time I modify from visible to textual content mode within the wordpress editor?

I would favor to not swop one drawback (collapsing indentations) for one more (lack of different formatting).


PS: CAN I eliminate the encircling border attributable to the pre-tag?

my presentation, as I presently perceive it:



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